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Tracy Law Firm offers services for any
real estate need.
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Mortgage Transactions (Refinances, Construction Loans,
Lot Loans,
Lines of Credit, Loan Modifications)
Title Insurance
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     Clients are the number one priority at Tracy Law Firm. A smooth and painless closing is our guarantee. Let attorney Nancy Tracy iron out the details and protect and safeguard your legal and property rights.

     Purchasing a home is the largest transaction in most individual's lives and is often the largest investment in their portfolio of assets. Today's lending rules and regulations and mortgage products have become extremely complex in the wake of the recession. Most loan packages are in excess of 50 pages and can be confusing and intimidating with a lot of fine print. It is important to know your rights as a borrower, to understand the terms of your loan, and to have them carefully explained to you. Hiring a seasoned real estate attorney, such as Ms. Tracy, can offer peace of mind in a complicated transaction.

     Nancy Tracy conducts a careful and methodical title review to catch any potential title issues before money changes hands at the closing table. She can spot the title issues quickly and knows how to deal with agencies, HOAs, lenders and developers to correct and resolve the title problem speedily. This careful review will prevent headaches and issues in the future when you market this same property for sale. Ms. Tracy's knowledge and years of experience in real estate law will work to your benefit to streamline a confusing process and to avoid last minute delays and surprises, and most of all, costly mistakes.

     Returning calls and e-mails, regular communication, and treating every client with courtesy and respect are all extremely important to Nancy Tracy. Clients receive hands on, friendly and affordable service from the attorney and the firm so that transactions close quickly and efficiently.

Probate & Estate

Living Wills
Durable Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney

     If your estate were administered today do you know who would receive your assets? Have you designated who would have guardianship over your most precious asset, your children? Have you come up with a plan and designation for your personal property to avoid costly and devastating family disputes after your death? Without a will in place, your wishes are completely undocumented, and the probate process will become very tedious and stressful for your heirs. Tracy Law Firm can legally protect your assets and wishes and handle the estate administration process so your family won't have to. Let Tracy Law Firm assist you in developing and implementing your estate plan.

Business & Corporate

     Small and medium sized business face many challenges and may have a limited budget, yet still need effective legal representation to protect the business owners, employees and assets. Running the day to day operations leaves little time to plan for or deal with legal issues. Tracy Law Firm handles business formations and start up practices, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate acquisitions for any type of business entity in South Carolina: limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.